Blackheads | What causes blackheads, Treatment and Prevention

Blackheads|what causes blackheads,  Treatments, and Prevention

To know more about the reason for what causes blackheads first we have to know about the blackheads

Blackhead is a tiny small bump which appears on the surface of the skin and easier to be spot able and very annoying in looking and make your face less attractive.

Blackheads | What causes blackheads,  Treatment and Prevention

In scientific or medical term is known as ‘open comedones’ and among most of the skin problems, it is one of them where most people are affected by this problem.

 According to ‘American Academy of dermatology’ it is the most common skin condition in the USA and around up to 50 million people’s is affected annually.

What are Blackheads?

Blackhead is a small bump on the skin surface which is due to clogged or plugged of hair follicles (Skin pores) by dead skin cells, dirt or excess sebum ( It is a natural oil which is produced by our body sebaceous glands and it will help to make skin soft).

Blackheads | What causes blackheads,  Treatment and Prevention
What are Blackheads

More Excess of sebum production in our body can result in clogged or plugged at the surface of pores and when the plug is formed, the excess sebum catching and coming in a contact with a bacteria, Dead skin cells on its way, So this will leads to form open comedones on the skin.

  It is in darkish black in colour or maybe slightly in brownish colour. This change of colour due to the effect of oxidization where the bacteria, dead skin cells and sebum plug exposed to air and turns change in colour.

What Causes Blackheads?

According to the most popular opinion of the people, blackheads are causing just because of dirt and think that it is a sign of poor hygiene. Sounds gross, doesn’t it? Here we are breaking this myth for you.

Blackheads are usually the result of excessive blockage of hair follicles (skin pores). There are several important factors which are affecting to cause blackheads. 

Let’s take a look at them what causes blackheads.

Blackheads | What causes blackheads,  Treatment and Prevention
Causes of Blackheads

Hormonal change

The most common reason behind to cause blackheads, Acne, and Pimples just because of hormonal fluctuations and changes.

It leads to the production of excessive sebum in the pores which results Plugged is formed while coming in contact with dead skin cells and debris of the skin which blocks the skin pores and hence blackheads formed.


Like Mood Swings In puberty also get along blackheads. Puberty triggers the most common hormonal acne. 

When teens reach puberty the body pumps out a higher amount of hormones. As a result cause to blackheads.


Many women discover that their skin disorder worsens or seems for the primary time throughout maternity. 

Skin the disorder sometimes manifests throughout the primary trimester.


Whether you suffer from the skin condition, and the way severe the area of your breakouts unit is closely tied to your biological science (Genes).

The skin condition is hereditary, that means if your folks suffered from dangerous breakouts, you probably can too.


Researchers and dermatologists alike have seen a correlation between high stress and skin disease breakouts in numerous studies and patients.

Whereas stress isn’t thought-about an on the spot cause, it will contribute to the severity and frequency of breakouts.

If you suffer from blackheads and different blemishes and have a tendency to be stressed, finding ways in which to cut back your stress will work wonders for your skin disease.

Excessive Use of Skin Products

You’ll be able to have all the skincare within the world and still suffer from blackheads.

We all know why that’s happening - your favourite product isn’t oil-free or non-comedogenic.

Once it involves blackheads, each drop of excess oil counts

Symptoms of Blackheads

Because of their dark colour, blackheads area straightforward to identify on the skin.

They’re slightly raised, though they aren’t painful as a result of they aren’t inflamed like pimples.

Pimples type once bacterium invades the blockage within the follicle, inflicting redness and inflammation.

Blackheads Treatment 

Blackheads | What causes blackheads,  Treatment and Prevention
Blackheads Treatment

Over-the-counter (OTC) treatments

Many inflammatory disease medications are on the market at drug and grocery stores and on-line while not a prescription.

These medications are on the market in cream, gel, and pad type and are placed directly on your skin.

The medication contains ingredients like 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, bleach, and phenol. They work by killing microorganism, drying excess oil, and forcing the skin to shed dead skin cells

Manual removal

Dermatologists or specially trained skincare professionals use a special instrument referred to as a spherical loop extractor to get rid of the plug inflicting the mar.

once a tiny low gap is created within the plug, the doctor applies pressure with the extractor to get rid of the clog.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels additionally take away clogs and acquire obviate the dead skin cells that contribute to blackheads. Throughout a peel, a robust chemical resolution is applied to the skin.

Over time, the highest layers of the skin peel off, revealing sander skin beneath. Delicate peels are obtainable over the counter, whereas stronger peels are performed by dermatologists or alternative attention professionals.

Laser and light medical care

Laser and Light therapies use small beams of intense light to decrease drilling or kill microorganisms.

Each laser and light beams reach below the surface of the skin to treat blackheads and skin conditions while not damaging the highest layers of the skin.

Blackheads Prevention 

1. Washing Face

Preventing blackheads is as straightforward as maintaining a healthy aid routine—including wash your face once within the morning and once at nighttime, removing makeup before going to bed, and avoiding touching your face with dirty hands and materials.

However, merely rinse your face isn’t enough to tackle blackheads and breakouts. Correct face washes technique and uses high-quality products for skincare.

2. Exfoliate Regularly

Dead skin cells also are a part of the buildup within the pores that contributes to blackheads. to stop an excessive amount of dead skin from accumulating, use an exfoliator. However, when using exfoliating scrubs and masks you would like to be cautious—certain ingredients and overuse can irritate your skin.

With prescription-grade 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, our acne treatment gel is gentle yet effective with the facility to clear oil, dirt and bacteria from your pores. With consistent usage, you'll reduce the severity of your blackheads and stop future breakouts. 

3. Use Oil-free/Less oil Skincare Products

Since excess oil contributes to the event of blackheads, you would like to form sure you’re using products that are oil-free or “non-comedogenic”. confirm you’re checking the labels on your:
Moisturizer, Sunscreen, Makeup, Body lotion.

While it'd appear to be using face moisturizer once you have oily skin could make your problem worse, you don’t want your skin to become dry because which will also trigger excess sebum production

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